Squatting like your life depends on it (hint: it does)

Whether you’re looking to improve performance on the field, ice or even on a bike squatting is an indispensable skill.

The ability to move through this pattern is not only an important enhancer to any performance related activity. It’s a critical component to extending health span, pushing out the margins of decrepitude and maintaining functional independence.

Simply put as long as an individual can navigate the triangle of getting out of bed, to the bathroom, then the kitchen and back to the bedroom they will remain ‘functionally independent’.

Why then do we often hear how ‘bad’ squats are for you?

Worldwide squatting is the default modality for many daily functions. In countries where chairs are less common, so are knee and hip replacements.

So is squatting really that bad for you or is it just how you’re squatting?

Over the last 11+ years we’ve seen a lot of people come through our door with discomfort in their knees. A small handful have had to seek out medical attention – the rest simply need to correct their technique and strengthen the correct muscles groups.

In the absence of any structural issues our go to technology is the ‘box squat’

The box squat is a brilliant bit of technology that originates from the world famous ‘Westside Barbell Club’ . The magic of this exercise is the shift from a quad dominant pattern to one that develops the glutes hips and hamstrings.

This is beneficial for several reasons

  • Reduced load on the quads and knees

  • Minimal strain to the lower patellar tendon

  • Less stress the cartridge and related tissues

Here’s our checklist for setup and execution of a proper box squat

  • Set up the “Diamond box”

    • Heels don’t break the plane of the first point

  • Box height 1-2” below parallel
    This means the crease of your hip sits 1″-2″ bellow the top if your knee cap

  • Grip the floor

    • Spreading the floor apart engages more muscles through the entire lower body

  • Reach back (diamond box)

    • Vertical shins

  • Stand straight up – head thru the roof

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Have a burning question about our gym or program? 
Want to know if CrossFit Mass is right for you?
Send us an email to info@crossfitmass.com
 or give us a call at 978-494-0606.