Healthy Eating: Simple Ingredients

Every day each one of us is faced with the same challenges, “what should I eat?” We all have to eat, everyday no matter what, multiple times a day. As we drive to and from work, dropping or picking up our children from school or going to the gym we are bombarded with fast food, quick fixes to the need to eat. It seems cheap, quick and it’s convenient. The idea of cooking at home, with healthy ingredients, not only sounds time-consuming but knowing the prices at the grocery store, it sounds expensive too. The reality is that with less than $100 dollars you can easily feed two people for 7-10 days. This grocery trip would not just feed those two people but would feed them with healthy and unprocessed foods. The five essential ingredients for any delicious, well rounded and healthy meal are: meat, vegetables, sea salt,  ground pepper and some heat. It really cannot get more simple than that!

Most supermarkets in the United States have an average of five thousand items to choose from. Not long ago, by avoiding the middle aisles in the grocery store, you were able to eliminate the temptation of processed and sugary foods. The food industry took it upon themselves to work with the grocery stores to change that setup. These large companies who have many processed food items on the market right now have found ways to have their items brought out of the middle aisles and scattered throughout the produce, dairy and meat departments.

The idea is to use simple ingredients. By using these items, the cook time will be much less. Sticking to the basics like chicken, fish and red meats; vegetables, such as broccoli, asparagus, green beans, kale. You also want to add simple grains, some salt, and pepper which allows these ingredients to cook quick, taste good and last for the week. Eating healthy can happen even with a busy schedule, meat & veggies keep it simple.

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Have a burning question about our gym or program? 
Want to know if CrossFit Mass is right for you?
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 or give us a call at 978-494-0606.