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In the fall of 2005, summer was a distant memory and I was dreading my annual transition from mountain biking in the woods of New England to a winter of lifting and spinning at the local YMCA.

I turned to the internet in search of better options and after countless hours of searching, I found CrossFit.com.For a month I combed their site, both horrified and amazed at what I saw.  I was convinced these people were out to kill themselves. I read everything they had on the site twice and then subscribed to the CrossFit Journal and read all of that.Finally after all of the research and reading, I tried my first workout – “Angie” (100 pull-ups, 100 push- ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats for time).  It took me nearly 40 minutes and I could barely crawl up the basement stairs afterwards.  Needless to say – I was hooked.  Initially I continued these workouts at the local YMCA with moderate success.

The layout, the culture and even the business model of most gyms is counterproductive to true fitness.

In reaction to this philosophy I started my own gym, but it didn’t happen overnight.  A barbell here, a rower there and I slowly began to accumulate equipment.  What I couldn’t buy, I built.  (I’m lucky enough to come from a family where DIY comes naturally.)  Plyoboxes, Pull-up bars, and even climbing ropes.
But more important than the gear, was my interest in the “how’s” and “why’s” of the training.  And it was clearly working since I had never seen such a profound change in myself in all of my time working out.  However I needed and wanted to know more.  My form was far from perfect and knew this would be an issue in the long term.
Subsequently I sought out lessons from personal trainers and traveled to seminars conducted by CrossFit to learn from the source.  My first certification was with Coach Burgner in Rancho Buena Vista, California.   What an amazing weekend! My brain was bursting. Not to mention it was a CrossFit ”Who’s Who” —  Coach Glassman was there as well as, Nicolle Carol, Josh Everett Tony Budding. Pure Awesome.
I got to meet most of these guys again a few months later when I took my Level One certification.

Another amazing weekend.

I spent the next two years training friends, family, neighbors and co-workers — really anyone that was willing. It was time well spent refining my coaching and my programming skills.  In 2009,  we officially opened our doors to the public where we started out small and let the needs of our clients dictate our course of action.
Ten years later and we’ve grown into a 7000 ft. space open seven day a week and haven’t looked back since.
Joe Venuti
Owner/Lead Instructor

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Have a burning question about our gym or program? 
Want to know if CrossFit Mass is right for you?
Send us an email to info@crossfitmass.com
 or give us a call at 978-494-0606.